Why Liberty? ...Strength, Security, Stability

Liberty Life has been helping to successfully settle physical and non-physical injury claims since 1980. Today, we rank in the top ten of all structured settlement providers.

Our experience has taught us that exceptional customer service, flexibility, competitive rates, and quick turnaround time on quotes are all essential to winning the confidence of our customers. Our experienced structured settlement professionals understand every aspect of the process.

Liberty Life's operating philosophy is High value, easy to buy, easy to do business with, and our structured settlements unit was created around this philosophy. We take pride in providing a safe and reliable source of income to support claimants and their families for years.

Liberty Life follows a disciplined investment strategy that has produced a high quality investment portfolio with asset cash flows corresponding closely with future cash needs. Additionally, Liberty Life is positioned to write annuities that fund both qualified and non-qualified assignments. We're able to provide an exceptional measure of security to our structured settlement customers with a guarantee by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company that payments will be made.

Liberty Life is a member of the National Structured Settlements Trade Association.


Structured settlement annuities written by Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston are guaranteed by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. Annuities are issued by Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston, a Liberty Mutual company.
Home office: Boston, Mass. Service center: Dover, N.H.